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Since its foundation in 1962, De Marchi has been converting itself into an undisputed point of reference in the vast field of swags, merchandising and methacrylate processing.

With its headquarters located in the small town of Brugherio, at a few km from Milan, De Marchi has been specializing in the production and customization of gifts, gadgets, promotional and merchandise items. The production makes use of several plastic materials and is available to deal with both small and large orders.

Thanks to the unceasing research for new and more performing productive techniques, De Marchi can also manufacture and personalize products starting from a sketch drawn by the customer.

Among the products which constitute the core business of the Italian company, you will find lightning devices, promotional items and swags, merchandising, cups and trophies, display units, pedestals for fair stands, cosmetic displays, methacrylate showcases, photograph holders, furniture trolleys and much more.

Thanks to the experience acquired in more than fifty years of hard work in the processing and manufacturing of methacrylate and plastic materials, nowadays De Marchi is a well-known and unanimously respected partner for any company which deals with swags, promotional gadgets and methacrylate packaging.

The Italian company is unceasingly researching and experimenting in order to get the best results in the processing of methacrylate and plastic materials. Counting on its unrivalled skillfulness and expertise in methacrylate bending, thermoforming, gluing and moulding, De Marchi can always offer first quality products, made with accuracy and exactitude.

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